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Ozark Dressage Society

ODS was formed in 1988 for the purpose of uniting dressage enthusiasts

Our mission is to aid and encourage the training, use and exhibition of the dressage horse; to promote, educate and stimulate interest in dressage; to foster sportsmanship; and to establish an organization through which people with common interest can socialize.

New USDF Tests in 2023!

Upcoming Events

Nov 17th Membership Meeting Minutes

Summary: Old Business Virtual Show Update – we will once again host virtual shows using Spotlight Horse We made… $60 on the first one Star Stripes and Steeds - $200 Spooktacular - $340 New Fees for 2023 shows – During the last board meeting, we talked a good deal about how to keep our Shows going in 2023.  We discussed the need to make our shows more assessable to non-members.  The board passed a motion to lower the price of Non-Member show fees. Beginning in 2023 Non-member class fee will go from $35 per class to $20 per class and the office fee will remain the same at $10. This change makes the price per class the same as the member price. However, an additional flat fee of $20 will be added per rider/horse combination who will be showing in an ODS show and is not a current ODS member. The fee will be referred to as a “Show Fee” and will help cover insurance costs. New Business Holiday Party – Ruth’s House? Will set up a time for January after the rush of the holidays are over. Arena Concerns – trailer is too short and the boards have begun to warp a little. With no shows in 2022 the trailer purchase was set aside. However, it is very much needed. Options are: We need a trailer that is long enough and the board agreed to go ahead and get an old stock trailer or a cargo. We could purchase a 14-16 ft trailer and sell the old one. Budget would be 2,000 + profit from the current flatbed. Chelsea will find a trailer and compare both stock and flatbed prices. Ruth motions that we spend 2,000 + sale of the current flatbed. Lynn seconds. Motion passed Still need to consider where storage will be for the trailer and arena going forward. We currently have it at Old Mill Arena off the trailer in a corner of the building. Lauren Fisher – Cavaleti clinic. Brings her own equipment and brings everything else. 8 participants/day. Board has approved the invitation, but we are looking into timing still. Possibly looking at early part of March. Depending on other clinics we may have to push it a little bit. Michael Larson – Stacey has been in contact with him as a potential local judge. Currently we are waiting for a bio from him.  Cathy Zappe Clinic –March 25th , June 3rd, Sept 8th.  No weekend available in October. Cammy mentioned that auditors should not be charged if the head sets are used because they cannot hear what is being said.   Chelsea will look into Antonio Pedro Costa. He can be found on Facebook. Need a bio and cost options. Looks promising if it is split with the East Coast barn bringing him in.  Dates would still need to be in March or April. Walk Ons Stacey Clair shared an idea around judges and shows.   What if we forgo the requirement that our judges have their L qualifications in 2023.  We had to cancel every show in 2022 due to low entries and the fact that we would lose money on the show with all the travel costs associated with bringing in an L judge.  If we can use judges that do not have overnight travel and are closer to Springfield with less milage, then we might be able to still have our Shows even if we experience lower turnout again.  There was some discussion and Ruth Bethea motioned to suspend the requirement of L Judges. Cammy Rainwater seconds. All in favor - Motion passed. 2023 – Tentative Show dates have been selected and judges need to be secured which Stacey will do.  Options would be Claudia, Michael Larson, or other SW MO trainers.   Stacey will look to see if we have any local trainers that are USDF Certified Instructors as well.   April 29th May 20th Sept 16th 2023 Elections         Stacy Clair – President, Treasurer open, Chelsea Chichester – Secretary Board – Ruth Bethea, Susan Sivils and Lynn Vandenburg, Open, Open, and Open. We will need to vote on the board after we find more people. 

Cathy Zappe Clinic
June 2, 3, 4, 2023

Classical Dressage Training focused on improving communication between rider and horse. “I focus primarily on rider balance, the correct use of the aids, and how they influence the horse. I am passionate about my teaching and take great pleasure in my student’s success.”  Cathy Zappe Credentials and Achievements >Active FEI Competitor >USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist >USDF Gold Freestyle Bar >USDF Instructor Certification through 4th Level Teaching: 94%; Riding:  90% >Junior member of the USDF Education Faculty >Board member of the Region 3 JR/YR program

Lauren Fisher Cavaletti Clinic
June 10-11
Registration Open

All Lesson have a thoughtful exercises ranging from the beginner to the advance levels.  Everything is tailored to each individual rider and a huge emphasis is placed on building horse/rider confidence.  ​About the clinician FEI RIDER AND TRAINER, PROFESSIONAL SMOOCHER OF MUZZLES, & WANNABE COMEDIAN ​Lauren began what can only be described as a cringeworthy eventing career around the tender age of 5. After years of crying over fences, her decision to pursue dressage in hopes of keeping ‘four on the floor’ seemed like a logical one, even to a 12 year old. Lauren began as a working student at a young age- cleaning stalls and picking weeds to snag extra riding lessons. This quickly snowballed into full time positions for various FEI trainers in Texas, Florida, and Virginia- offering not only valuable training instruction, but also unparalleled horsemanship. Lauren has been privileged to find guidance under: Conrad Schumacher, Carol and Mary Ann Grant, Lauren Sprieser, and Michael Barisone. After years as a working student, CDI groom, and Assistant Trainer; as well as collecting her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals- Lauren left the horse paradise of the East Coast and returned to her roots in East Texas. Lauren brings a unique approach to horse training: combining a sense of humor with classical dressage. With experience starting young horses under saddle, Lauren has the tools to turn any horse into a dressage horse; and as an advocate for humane training- can mostly do so without kicking and screaming.

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